The Story of Hodja Nasreddin

Новости от Насимова
My name is Rintaro and I am 13 years old. I am from Japan, but I am in Tashkent international school right now. I have been learning English for about 6 months. I have attached my fable to this e-mail to include in the contest.

Новости от Насимова

366. A long long time ago, there was a poor man, who was called Hodja Nasreddin. He was a serf, so he was controlled by the shah, but the shah was very bad. He gave a lot of work to Hodja Nasreddin. So he always got tired. He wanted to kill the bad shah so he could be free.

One day, he was cleaning inside the castle, but he got very tired because he worked morning to night. He lay down on the ground. However there was something under his body. When he checked, it was a very dirty shoe. He thought,“Let’s throw it away”, but he did not have any shoes, so he decided to wear it. Nothing happened for 10 days. So he continued to work and work and work.

After ten days, his head nearly exploded, because he was so angry that he did not have a good life. He decided to go to the bad shah to kill him. But, of course he could not go to the shah’s room, because there were many soldiers, who would stop him going to the shah. That night, he was thinshah how he could go to the bad shah. He had one good idea; he would go inside of the castle at night, because the soldiers sleep at night. But there was a good system in the castle. When he went to the place of the shah, a siren called the shah, and the shah and soldiers got up. When the soldiers tried to kill the Hodja Nasreddin, the shah said, “Let him fight with me,no soldiers”. So the soldiers were watching the fight.

The stage was on the top of the castle, so if they moved one foot, they would fall down. When the fighting started, Hodja Nasreddin punched the shah’s face but the shah kicked Hodja Nasreddin’s stomach, so he fell off the top of the castle. He thought it was the end of his life. When he was in the air, wings came out of the dirty shoe, and it helped Hodja Nasreddin to go the stage again. When he came again, they were celebrating their win, so they did not know that Hodja Nasreddin was behind the shah. When the shah looked at him, he kicked the shah, and he won the fight.Новости от Насимова

After that he used his shoe as a very important thing, and he had a good life.

Rintaro Nakai

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